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How can a Data-driven Approach improve the sustainability of crop farming

Data-driven Approach
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It is a necessity to accomplish food sustainability and food security so that human beings can function well. And there is no way to achieve this except through sustainable crop farming. Sadly, it has become difficult to meet the demands for food due to the unavailability of resources. Unlike in the primitive times when lands and other resources are deployed for agriculture. In recent times, most of the lands are now deployed for commercial and industrial uses. This has led to a shortage of resources for agricultural use. Apart from land, many resources like water, human, and manure have also depreciated greatly.

Improving agriculture sustainability through a data-driven approach involves automated data collection, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, software innovation, e.t.c. Geopard Agriculture is an innovative body that focuses on collecting data on soil profiles, minerals, and properties. Also, it uses the knowledge of weather, land topography, vegetation, executed agronomic operations, and more to improve the advancement of agriculture. It analyzes data on a large scale of land to determine its suitability for crop farming. This information will help crop producers to calculate and manage risks, make crop farming easier, and ultimately improve crop and agricultural sustainability.

The Usefulness of GeoPard End Products

Geopard end-products including analysis of soil profile, nutrients, vegetation have helped improve the sustainability of crop farming in numerous ways. The following are the usefulness of Geopard end-products:

  • Precision Agriculture
  • Smart scouting and sampling
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem balance
  • Maps

Precision Agriculture: This is an act of predicting crop productivity. It is a way of managing crop production by noting seasonal changes, crop rotation, environment conditions, seed variability, genetics, e.t.c. This will help farmers to know the right time to plow, plant, apply fertilizers, and harvest their crops. Making good precision is very important in crop production, and Geopard end-products make this easy.

Smart Scouting and Sampling Assist: These products help to recognize the right location where there are adequate quantities of minerals and materials needed for crop production. It makes use of sampling methods and techniques. An important instrument for detecting locations on the map. VR application maps enable crop producers to apply the right amount of agricultural inputs at the right spots.

Rich Biodiversity and Ecosystem Balance

This is a natural or biological system of improving the environment. It doesn’t involve the use of chemicals or equipment. It creates a balanced ecosystem that reducing the effect of greenhouse gas emissions.

In conclusion, the use of data-driven methods has proven effective in ensuring crop and food sustainability. Geopard Agriculture helps to improve crop farming practices through automated data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, software innovations, e.t.c. The end products of Geopard Agriculture assist in improving the efficiency of crop production. Read the details.

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