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Winning teams choose GeoPard
Jason Diller
Precision Agriculture Manager in Mercer Landmark
When I compare the +20 year GeoPard product map to fields we have a multiple year average yield data its a very close match. The +20 year average map is a excellent product for growers lacking good yield data.
Simon Luyven
Projects Lead in Pfeifer & Langen
It is a pleasure to cooperate with GeoPard. Not only the solutions are innovative, but also the service is excellent.
Isaac Hickerson
Data Manager in Hutson Inc.
Geopard is a great tool for us to build management zones with. When we don't have access to multiple years worth of yield data for a grower, we can utilize GeoPard and the 20+ years of satellite imagery it gives us to build our management zones.

What you can do

Field Management Zones
  • Automatically and Manually delineated management zones based on imagery:
    • multi-year data up to 30 year history
    • in-season vegetation image
  • Soil sensor, soil sampling, Yield monitor, Topography based management zones.
  • This identifies areas with higher and lower yield potential, problematic areas and gives insight to field productivity and variability.
Create VRA maps
  • It has never been so simple to create a VRA map. Maps are impartial, which allows you to distribute the appropriate ag inputs that work for you in the appropriate field zones.
  • You drive efficiency and sustainability of farming aided by the prescription maps for fertilizing, crop protection, seeding, irrigation.
Monitor your field, farm, and region
  • Monitor in-season plant development with comprehensive sets of vegetation indices. Use crop density map to scout for areas with different levels of growth.
  • Draw or import field boundaries, visually sketching your fields, and compare your farm with neighboring fields and areas.
  • Visualize and analyze your soil sampling and yield monitor data. Know your field topography and derivatives such as elevation, slope, aspect, etc.
API integration
  • GeoPard solution easily plugs into any system, platform or service. We are cooperative and bring value anywhere we go.
  • VRA maps, management zones, imagery views can be seamlessly integrated via API.


Our attractive business model lets you benefit from precision farming techniques, tracking, and planning.
Crop Monitoring
  • Import, Draw, Edit, and Export field boundaries
  • In-season imagery and up to 30 years of history
  • Natural and infrared colors
  • Vegetation indices incl. LAI, EVI2, NDVI, WDRVI, GNDVI, IPVI, GCI, SAVI, OSAVI, and NDWI
Management zones
  • Automatically created adjustable zones based on seasonal images and up to 30-year history
  • Zones delineated based on user selected images from a variety of sources
  • Zones delineated based on user's field spatial data
  • Automatically created topographic models and maps
  • Elevation
  • Slope
  • Aspect
  • Hillshade
  • Elevation and hillshade
  • Slope and aspect
Yield data analytics
  • Upload yield monitor data
  • Data cleansing and correction
  • Visualize yield map per attribute
  • Build management zones
Soil data analytics
  • Upload soil sampling data
  • Parse every attribute from the origin dataset
  • Heatmap visualization of every soil attribute with value for every point
  • Build management zones
Advanced analytics
  • Field Heterogeneity Factor
  • Relative Variation Index
  • Change Detection
  • Layers comparison
VRA maps and Export
  • Creation of Variable Rate Application maps that are compatible with most ag machinery
  • Merge, split, change zones
  • Unlimited export of management zones and VRA maps
  • Bidirectional data synchronization
  • Send field boundary, soil samples, yield data, custom rules for management zones
  • Consume management zones, topographic, soil, yield maps, vegetation indices with 3 m resolution, raw data, VRA maps, change detection
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