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Simplify the complexity of precision farming

GeoPard is an unbiased cloud-based Analytics Powerhouse for precision agriculture. The platform core is capable of processing any set of geospatial data.

Discover the full potential of ag fields and improve agronomic decisions. GeoPard is your reliable tool for Ag operations from planning, execution to adjusting practices based on the data.


Our solutions

By Product

You receive all-in-one solution to store, visualize and analyze your farm data. Rx maps and analytics are delivered in a timely manner.

  • Multi-layer and multi-year Management Zones
  • Variable Rate Application (VRA or Rx) Maps
  • Crop Monitoring
  • Topography analytics
  • Soil data analytics
  • 3D maps
  • Yield data analytics
  • As-applied & As-planted data
  • Fields Benchmarking
  • Smart Scouting
  • Automation of all above

By Agronomic Use-case

With GeoPard you have automated tools to execute your agronomic and management expertise, and industry best practices during the whole season.

  • Season Planning
  • Soil Sampling
  • Soil Scanning
  • Fertilizing
  • Seeding
  • Irrigation
  • Scouting & Monitoring


  • Herbicides application
  • Fungicide, pesticides, insecticides application
  • Growth Regulators application
  • Desiccation
  • Harvesting planning
  • Trial Management
  • Calculations of economic efficiency

By Role

Whether you a farmer or large company owner – let our application do the heavy lifting and get all the results and solutions you need. Work remotely and collaboratively with your colleagues or business partners to prepare for the season.

  • for Growers
  • for Ag consultants and service companies
  • for Cooperatives & AgriHoldings
  • for Ag input producers and dealers
  • for Ag equipment dealers
  • for AgTech companies
  • for System integrators

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How GeoPard Works

Winning teams choose GeoPard

Zachary Harmer


We are happy to have GeoPard as part of the platforms working with SoilOptix® data to enable growers and agronomists with the tools to accurately and visually analyze and manage their fields.

Nicole Bartelds


GeoPard Agriculture is a system in which I can store my own data, and also receive current information from satellite images directly from my fields. A system that securely stores my own data ‘in the cloud’, so that I have access to the stored information at any time and at any location. But I also think it’s important that the data is only shared with others if I give permission for this myself, and if I no longer want to share the data, then I can immediately stop the data sharing.

Steve Larocque

Beyond Agronomy owner & FarmVU CEO

Data visualization leads to the creation of ideas and analytics helps us to solve problems. GeoPard’s platform not only helps us visualize data but also gives us the tools to analyze data so we can create solutions and write prescriptions agronomists

PointForward Brendon Friesen

Operation & technology manager

Using Geopard has streamlined key parts of our workflow. In seasons where time is money, we can rely on the team at Geopard to get it done.

Isaac Hickerson

Data Manager in Hutson Inc.

Geopard is a great tool for us to build management zones with. When we don’t have access to multiple years worth of yield data for a grower, we can utilize GeoPard and the 20+ years of satellite imagery it gives us to build our management zones.

Simon Luyven

Projects Lead in Pfeifer & Langen

It is a pleasure to cooperate with GeoPard. Not only the solutions are innovative, but also the service is excellent.

Jason Diller

Precision Agriculture Manager in Mercer Landmark

When I compare the +20 year GeoPard product map to fields we have a multiple year average yield data its a very close match. The +20 year average map is an excellent product for growers lacking good yield data.

Special business solutions

We’ve facilitated the launch of many precisionAg software companies and can provide you a superior solution.

White label

  Your receive the best in the industry precisionAg platform (web & mobile) under your company brand. Save costs on expensive and slow development, rely on our expertise and launch your own solution in a few weeks.    


GeoPard solution easily plugs into any system, platform, or service. GraphQL, OGC standards, automated workflows, and more. You have access to all the data, analytics, and statistics, the same as the GeoPard team has. Use the best in the industry precisionAg analytics engine, mix it with your own ideas and business knowledge.    


User interface widgets for direct integration. Similar to google maps that are embedded into any website, GeoPard widgets are ready to use components in your software

Mobile and Tablet Apps

Keep all necessary data always in your pocket to access it online and offline in the fields immediately.
  • Smart Scouting (geo-referenced comments, photos, logging of operations)
  • Soil sampling planning & execution
  • Tissue (plant) sampling
  • Visualization of all data layers (yield, soil, topography, vegetation, as-applied)
  • Seemless integration with your web account


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