Partnership with FarmVu

FarmVu Inc., Three Hills, Alberta and GeoPard Agriculture, Cologne, Germany are pleased to announce their successful integration and partnership which combines creative telemetry and soil moisture sensing solutions with a powerful precision ag analytics platform.

Precision Ag consultants now have a flexible tool to connect, display, and automatically process ground sensor data collected with EM38, DualEM, or FarmVu’s soil moisture sensors. The integration of these technologies frees up hours of processing time for consultants. It offers them a powerful precision ag analytics platform to combine sensor data with satellite imagery, topography, yield, soil, as-applied data and analytics to create zone maps and prescriptions their clients can act on.

The use of sensor technology in agriculture is growing rapidly. The success of these technologies depends on our ability to connect, combine, and analyze multiple data layers, including sensor data, to create problem-solving solutions. At the same time, the process has to be simple, fun, and ignite creativity, so we all can find new ways to solve problems in agriculture. That makes the partnership between these two passionate teams a success, and one we can’t wait for users to try. 

About: FarmVu offers consultants, farmers and researchers field scale soil moisture sensing technology along with ground sensor telemetry solutions. Their powerful technology is helping customers optimize water use in dryland and irrigated cropping systems while simplifying the data collection process. 

Compare and analyze data layers to create actionable zone maps. Here we define the cross section between yield loss more 50% and areas of high soil moisture to measure ROI on drainage solutions.

Cooperation with Kernel

GeoPard and Kernel signed an agreement to work on the application of digital solutions for sustainable agriculture. The collaboration started in the spring of 2020 with the sowing of cornfields at a variable rate based on GeoPard multi-layer maps.

“It is my pleasure to announce the cooperation with one of the largest Ukrainian agricultural company “Kernel” controlling more than 0.5 million hectares (1.2 million acres) of farmland. Ukraine is a major crop player with rich agricultural resources and strong potential. We are excited to provide innovative and effective solutions for holdings and service companies in the Black Sea region.” – Vladimir Klinkov, co-founder of GeoPard Agriculture.

“We are expanding our range of digital solutions through partnership with the GeoPard company. Over the past few years, we have been evaluating different methods for defining and using productivity zones. For large areas, analysis of long-term data on vegetation and yield maps is most suitable. Further, taking into account the productivity of the zones, we adjust the seeding rates and fertilizer rates.” – noted Yevgenii Sapizhenko, Deputy Agribusiness Director for Innovation and Digital Development.

Kernel – the world’s leading and the largest in Ukraine producer and exporter of sunflower oil, and a major supplier of agricultural products from the Black Sea region to world markets. Kernel exports its products into more than 80 countries of the world.

GeoPard Agriculture

Cooperation with Sure Growth Solutions, our partner and distributor

We are excited to announce the partnership with Sure Growth Technologies Inc., professional consultants and passionate agronomists helping growers optimize valuable resources, based in Canada.

By providing coaching services that include Crop Planning, Fertility Planning, Soil and Tissue Testing, Variable Rate and Precision Agriculture Programs, In-Season Scouting Support, Sure Growth ensures profitable precision strategies built on sound agronomy and innovation.

Terry Aberhart, Founder and Agri-Coach said “We are always looking to improve and bring new tools and value to our clients and partners. We are excited to work with the GeoPard team and bringing attentional tools and opportunity to collaborate with other experts that are passionate about the work they are doing to move the industry forward.”.

GeoPard Agriculture

Cooperation with Pfeifer & Langen

GeoPard Agriculture team is proud to cooperate with Pfeifer & Langen, top 3 sugar producer in Germany, on the digital transformation of processes related to sugar beet production and growth monitoring.

Pfeifer & Langen relies on GeoPard historical and in-season field productivity maps, stability maps, zones operations module and mobile application for scouting with support of off-line maps. All this helps to do smart scouting in order to accurately assess the sugar beet development.

Qualitative and smart solutions, a customer-centric approach, that is how long-term collaboration starts. Simon Luyven, Pfeifer & Langen project lead says “It is a pleasure to cooperate with Geopard. Not only the solutions are innovative, but also the service is excellent.”

GeoPard Agriculture

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