Get a detailed map of soil properties and create prescription map for VRA fertilization

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Soil chemical analysis

The number of soil characteristics in a concrete file can vary from 5-10 macronutrients

Delineate management zones

Compare them with other layers and build variable rate fertilizer prescription files

Plan your soil sampling points

and route based on multi-year zones that reflect historical crop development pattern

Easy-readable heatmap visualization

Upload soil sampling files into GeoPard Agriculture and get visualization of each attribute in the soil sampling file

VRA fertilization

Apply different rates of fertilizer at each location across fields.

Soil sampling features

Powerful data layerFor the GeoPard team, the additional module with soil characteristics not only supports yet another powerful data layer but also is a step forward to cross-layer and multi-layer analytics. Examples of use:

  • create prescription map for VRA fertilization
  • build variable rate fertilizer prescription files

Zone-based soil sampling planningEach field contains different soils with unique soil properties and crop characteristics, and therefore should be separated into unique zones of management.

Grid-based soil sampling planningSoil sampling at regular intervals across the landscape of a field. Grid size is selected to provide the desired data resolution. The size of the grid is often set at 2-2.5 acres; however, if you desire greater accuracy grids of 1 acre can be used.

Visualization of soil sampling dataYou can upload soil sampling files into GeoPard Agriculture and get an easy-readable heatmap visualization of each attribute in the soil sampling file.

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Analytics of soil dataAnalytics for each attribute of agrochemical lab analysis.

Upload soil sampling files into GeoPard Agriculture and get an easy-readable heatmap visualization of each attribute in the soil sampling file.

Prescription (Rx) maps creationUse Prescription maps that are generated from a range of geo-referenced data, such as soil nutrient levels and historical yields, and provide input rates for defined zones of a field.

High-density soil scanners data analyticsGet a reliable picture of soil conditions and a detailed map of the variation in soil properties across a field, the ideal base for making informed management decisions.

Importing of sampling results

GeoPard Platform for any size Ag business

For Growers
For Ag consultants
and service companies
For Cooperatives
For Ag input
producers & dealers
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producers & dealers
For AgTech

Save time and resources to quickly expand your solution with state of the art spatial ag data analysis, prescription creation, crop monitoring, smart scouting, and more via powerful API and Widgets

Offer analytics and maps based on best practices to your clients already in 2-4 weeks through your ecosystem

Let growers save money with reliable VRA tools for agronomic operations

Process a huge amount of data through our cloud-based solution in an automated and time-efficient way

Allow your clients to understand and manage fields variability with productivity maps from 30+ years of satellite imagery and farm data

Automate data-driven decisions based on your scanners and software data

Plan for better harvest and save money on inputs with management zones for any field operations

View your farm from above with satellite imagery for better tracking and planning

Benefit from an all-in-one cloud platform collecting your farm data via remote sensing, soil sampling, sensors, topography, yield

Access information on any device at any time, even in the absence of cellular connectivity

Increase profit by understanding and managing fields variability with productivity maps based on the 30+ years of satellite imagery and farm data analysis

Seamlessly integrate VRA maps with your existing practices to make precision ag simple

Expand into Data Driven Ag with connected cloud based independent powerhouse for field data analytics

Reduce 80% time spend on field productivity maps creation for zonal soil sampling, fertilizing, and seeding

Exchange information such as field profiles and prescription maps with your clients

Integrate 30+ years of satellite imagery, topography with on-farm data like yield, soil sampling, electrical conductivity, soil moisture, and write prescriptions agronomists and farmers can act on

Benchmark and compare fields with data insights and prioritize field operations like harvesting, scouting, fungicide application, and desiccation

Know your costs per zone, per product, and ROI from the use of VR technology

Manage huge amounts of data in an automated and time-efficient way in a scalable independent solution

Take advantage of a trustworthy fields productivity & heterogeneity profile based on comprehensive dataset (historical imagery, yield data, topography, soil data)

Reap the economic benefits from expanding your precision farming practices by saving on inputs, time and labor costs

Integrate management zones maps and analytics with your existing solutions via a powerful API

Profit from automated fields benchmarking, alerting, maps creation based on your logic, and batch analytics.

Know the economic effect from the use of VR technology

Keep in touch with the latest Data Driven Ag technology with a scalable cloud-based solution

Maintain customers trust by backing-up the efficacy of your input products, and add value by providing precisionAg recommendations

Manage huge amounts of data over large areas in an automated and time-efficient way

Save time and resources to build and expand your own digital farming solution by integrating AgTech's best-in-class services via powerful API - field profile, management zones, prescription maps, monitoring and many more

Promote sustainable agricultural land management and make decisions that are better for the planet with precision ag services

Scale your business and outreach clients with White Label product (brandable GeoPard software)

Keep in touch with the latest Digital Farming technology with a connected powerhouse for field data analytics

Add value to your products by demonstrating how cost-effective your equipment is to the customer

Enable growers and agronomists with the tool processing data from your equipment to analyze and manage their fields

Save time and resources to build and improving your digital farming solution by integrating GeoPard analytics via API or Widget

Unleash the power of your equipment with VRA maps

Scale your business and outreach clients with White Label product (brandable GeoPard software)

Special business solutions

We’ve facilitated the launch of many precisionAg software companies and can provide you a superior solution.

White label

  Your receive the best in the industry precisionAg platform (web & mobile) under your company brand. Save costs on expensive and slow development, rely on our expertise and launch your own solution in a few weeks.    


GeoPard solution easily plugs into any system, platform, or service. GraphQL, OGC standards, automated workflows, and more. You have access to all the data, analytics, and statistics, the same as the GeoPard team has. Use the best in the industry precisionAg analytics engine, mix it with your own ideas and business knowledge.    


User interface widgets for direct integration. Similar to google maps that are embedded into any website, GeoPard widgets are ready to use components in your software

Mobile and Tablet Apps

Keep all necessary data always in your pocket to access it online and offline in the fields immediately.
  • Smart Scouting (geo-referenced comments, photos, logging of operations)
  • Soil sampling planning & execution
  • Tissue (plant) sampling
  • Visualization of all data layers (yield, soil, topography, vegetation, as-applied)
  • Seemless integration with your web account

Winning teams choose GeoPard

Zachary Harmer


We are happy to have GeoPard as part of the platforms working with SoilOptix® data to enable growers and agronomists with the tools to accurately and visually analyze and manage their fields.

Nicole Bartelds


GeoPard Agriculture is a system in which I can store my own data, and also receive current information from satellite images directly from my fields. A system that securely stores my own data ‘in the cloud’, so that I have access to the stored information at any time and at any location. But I also think it’s important that the data is only shared with others if I give permission for this myself, and if I no longer want to share the data, then I can immediately stop the data sharing.

Steve Larocque

Beyond Agronomy owner & FarmVU CEO

Data visualization leads to the creation of ideas and analytics helps us to solve problems. GeoPard’s platform not only helps us visualize data but also gives us the tools to analyze data so we can create solutions and write prescriptions agronomists

PointForward Brendon Friesen

Operation & technology manager

Using Geopard has streamlined key parts of our workflow. In seasons where time is money, we can rely on the team at Geopard to get it done.

Isaac Hickerson

Data Manager in Hutson Inc.

Geopard is a great tool for us to build management zones with. When we don’t have access to multiple years worth of yield data for a grower, we can utilize GeoPard and the 20+ years of satellite imagery it gives us to build our management zones.

Simon Luyven

Projects Lead in Pfeifer & Langen

It is a pleasure to cooperate with GeoPard. Not only the solutions are innovative, but also the service is excellent.

Jason Diller

Precision Agriculture Manager in Mercer Landmark

When I compare the +20 year GeoPard product map to fields we have a multiple year average yield data its a very close match. The +20 year average map is an excellent product for growers lacking good yield data.

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Field Stability Zones

Detecting changes that happened in the field during the last 1-2 weeks or 1-2 months or even a couple of years helps to get insights...

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High-density Sensor Data

GeoPard is continuously improving its capabilities to process various types of in-field datasets. High-density sensor datasets are supported by our analytics core for further research...

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Comparison of data layers

To visualize field data and make informed decisions it is often necessary to compare layers on multiple synchronized views. In GeoPard, you can visually compare...

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What are approaches for soil sampling?

The two most commonly used soil sampling methods are grid sampling and zone sampling. Each method requires different sampling techniques and influences how the results are used and how nutrients are applied.

What is random soil sampling?

Random soil samples are samples of soil taken from different parts of the field. The samples are then blended together and one sample of the blended mix is sent to a state soil testing site an this is analysed, this test will tell you what is in the soil, and what is missing.

What is the best time for soil sampling?

Soil samples can be taken any time throughout the year. It is important though to sampleapproximately the same timeof the year. Late summer, or early fall, is a good time for most crops. This allows time for lime recommended to react and change the pH before the crop is planted.

What is GeoPard in a few words?

GeoPard is an independent precisionAg powerhouse for any geo-referenced farm data. We help crop farming businesses to streamline their processes.

What do you offer?

We provide precisionAg solutions for growers and crop consultants. For big agribusinesses we also provide API, White label (branded) solutions, Widgets. It allows them to launch their own precisionAg solutions in a matter of a few weeks.

In which languages the application is available?

English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, German, Dutch, Uzbekistanian, and Spanish.

How can I start?

Choose your package, sign up and start to use GeoPard right away.

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