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GeoPard successfully passed the RootCamp accelerator program

GeoPard successfully passed the RootCamp accelerator program
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About 300 companies applied for participation in the intense three-month Acceleration Program by RootCamp. But only 7 of them have been chosen as international AgriTech startups to join.

One of them is an agriculture intelligence platform based in Cologne, Germany called GeoPard. In short, GeoPard helps to automate the agronomic workflows like season planning, to fertilize, seeding, harvesting, and so on by streamlining them all in one system.

To do so, GeoPard uses cutting-edge spatial data analytics and AI algorithms and focuses on making sustainable and profitable precision agriculture solutions accessible and affordable to all agribusinesses.

Data products provided by GeoPard include soil sampling analytics, crop monitoring, field benchmarking, and Variable Rate application maps for agricultural in-season operations (like seeding, fertilizing, crop protection, and herbicides).

Some Unique Data Products of GeoPard Presented in Rootcamp

GeoPard focuses on building a Digital Twin of any agricultural field by aggregating all available data layers obtained through various methods and technologies. Moreover, some of the salient advantages that make GeoPard stand out from a crowd of similar products include:

  GeoPard Field Potential maps vs Yield data

1. An attractive business model for all business sizes: GeoPard users only pay for consumed analytics with no extra costs. GeoPard offers several plans to choose from according to the customer’s size.

The pricing model is based on an AWS-like pay-as-you-go credits approach that ensures that our offer remains affordable for all sizes of agricultural businesses. GeoPard also boasts a service that ensures delivery of the branded precision agriculture solution in just 2 weeks.

2. Independence and non-biasedness: About 0.5M data points are generated per day per farm as of 2021 and this number will be x6 during the next 10 years.

As data becomes more and more valuable, their security and protection become equally important, especially while dealing with massive data like this. So it is noteworthy that GeoPard is not affiliated with any agricultural corporation and all the data is owned by the user and is definitely not for sale.

  GeoPard Joins EIT Food Accelerator for Agtech Innovation

3. Level of automation and analytics capabilities: The whole point of precision agriculture is to optimize the usage of agricultural inputs and maximize yield via data-driven decisions.

Efficiently dealing with such a huge amount of data requires increasing automation and decreasing manual work. GeoPard achieves this by establishing a platform that automatically collects data layers, standardizes them, and streamlines agricultural field insights on top.

So GeoPard customers focus on efficient data-driven decisions instead of struggling with manual data processing.

Another highlight of GeoPard is its user-friendly web and mobile interfaces. Along with the web and mobile interfaces, GeoPard provides integration capabilities like API, widgets, White Label, and On-premise solutions.

GeoPard also provides a quick assistance service that can help customers anytime. Ongoing communication with the customers and partners, consultants, and business is of prime importance in both the past and future of this company.

GeoPard aims to improve the adoption of precision farming technologies, ensure efficient and sustainable crop production, and offer high-quality and adaptable data products.

  Partnership with FarmVu

The overall operation of GeoPard in the field of sustainable precision agriculture is based on using the most sophisticated technologies for data capturing, streamlining of analytics, and dissemination while ensuring that customers have the most practical experience and the highest ROI using data products from GeoPard.

Having specialized in precision farming technologies to maximize the efficiency of all agribusinesses, GeoPard plans to venture more into data products for sustainability, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration in the future.

To dive deeper into GeoPard, its services, its vision, and its plan for the future from one of the founders, you can watch this video or read more on this blog.

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GeoPard provides digital products to enable the full potential of your fields, to improve and automate your agronomic achievements with data-driven precision Ag practices

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