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GeoPard and Origin Digital partnership to provide precision farming solutions

GeoPard and Origin Digital partnership
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The GeoPard agriculture and Origin digital company have entered into an alliance deal to unravel problems relating to farming.

The motive behind the alliance is to expand the agricultural market sphere with digital and data-driven methods such as precision agriculture, data analysis, and software development.

They also offer professional programs and suggestions to clients on how to choose viable seeds, the science of planting and harvesting crops, and soil sampling methods.

Many of these innovations are now obtainable in Ukraine since it’s the base of the companies. The Origin Digital company has incorporated farming consultancy, good farming strategies, and data-based methods to ease the process of making decisions.

Additionally, the program helps experts to drive through precision farming easily. The central focus of the allied groups is to look into the problems of farmers and proffer practical solutions.

The Chief Executive officer of Geopard Agriculture, Mr. Dmitry Dementiev mentioned in one of his statements:

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“The Geopard’s team affiliation with Origin digitals is a milestone for the advancement of precision farming. Clients can now access digital remedies provided by the company easier and faster due to the alliance.”

He also added that his team is delighted with the recent development and they are ready to make things work out well.

The Head of Origin Digital Company, Mr. Jon Rhymes also said: “The alliance will promote precision farming in Ukraine. This is because the companies have incorporated programs such as data analysis and artificial intelligence in their scheme. These programs will ease the manner of disseminating information and making suggestions to prospective clients.”

Similarly, the crop growers in Ukraine will benefit from the program. It will also assist them to cut down production costs, increase their gains and guide them through the other processes.

What are precision farming solutions?

Precision farming solutions are technologies and techniques used to optimize crop production through data-driven decision-making and targeted input application. Some examples of precision farming solutions include:

  1. Variable-rate technology (VRT): This technology enables farmers to apply inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds at varying rates across a field, based on factors such as soil fertility, crop growth stage, and yield potential.
  2. Remote sensing: This includes the use of satellites, drones, and other sensors to collect data on soil and crop conditions, which can be used to make informed decisions about input application and crop management.
  3. Geographic Information System (GIS): GIS is a tool that enables farmers to collect, store, analyze, and manage spatial data about their fields, such as soil type, elevation, and weather patterns.
  4. Precision irrigation: This includes technologies such as drip irrigation and soil moisture sensors, which enable farmers to optimize water use and reduce waste.
  5. Autonomous equipment: Autonomous tractors and other equipment can be programmed to perform tasks such as planting, fertilizing, and harvesting, allowing for greater precision and efficiency in crop management.
  Crop yield prediction with remote sensing data in Precision Agriculture

Overall, precision farming solutions enable farmers to make data-driven decisions that optimize crop yields, reduce input waste, and improve overall efficiency. By leveraging advanced technologies and techniques, precision farming solutions can help farmers meet the challenges of a rapidly changing agricultural landscape and achieve sustainable, profitable crop production.

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