Planet Imagery (daily, 3m resolution) for Management Zones Creation

Planet Imagery for Management Zones Creation

Access to Planet imagery became simpler, faster, and more affordable with GeoPard Agriculture. Since August 2022 GeoPard has released the capabilities to search and analyze only requested Planet images from the user’s preferred date range.


So a GeoPard user requests only preferred Planet images and can use them in GeoPard analytical toolbox.


Planet images extend Sentinel and Landsat coverages (provided by default) and can be mixed with other data layers (harvesting/spraying/seeding machinery datasets, topography profile) via existing Multi-Layer, Multi-Year, and Equation tools

Planet is the largest earth observation satellite network delivering a near-daily global dataset and enables its high-resolution and high-frequency satellite imagery data.

Management Zones Based on Planet Scope (3.5m resolution) imagery.

Read more about GeoPard / Planet Partnership.

GeoPard and Strube collaboration

GeoPard Agriculture is proud to announce that Strube D&S GmbH, known worldwide for the great diversity of high-quality seeds, has joined the GeoPard partner program.

Customers of Strube BeetControl app (the precise analysis and prognosis of leaf diseases) will now be able to streamline their workflow with GeoPard powerhouse analytics including monitoring, scouting and adoption of precision agriculture practices.

GeoPard is used to determine exact location where nematodes are potentially present on sugar beet fields. Nematode damage detection is based on a remote sensing and historical development of the field. Soil samples are analysed for nematodes at the Strube laboratory, followed by advice from a cultivation consultant.

GeoPard integration with UP42

GeoPard and UP42 are proud to announce technical partnership between the platforms.


GeoPard analytical blocks are now available at the UP42 GIS marketplace and include the following capabilities:

  • Integrated satellite constellations: Pleiades, Pleiades NEO, SPOT
  • Supported vegetation indices: NDVI, EVI, SAVI, NDWI
  • The output in COG format (Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF)


The integration will allow Up42 clients to get access to the advanced crop (without limitation to only crops) monitoring using GeoPard satellite imagery processing algorithms.

GeoPard analytical block is used to calculate NDWI on top of 30cm resolution Pleiades NEO.
GeoPard analytical block is used to calculate NDWI on top of 30cm resolution Pleiades NEO.



Dmitry Dementiev, GeoPard’s CEO: “Technical partnership with UP42 allows UP42 clients to use novel GeoPard’s geospatial analytics, including the processing of satellite images at high scale and unpreceded speed for such huge datasets. The analytical derivatives could be used for prescriptive precision agriculture, regenerative/ carbon farming, and high temporal and spatial crop monitoring.
It also indicates the ambition of GeoPard to be integrated with the most advanced technology platforms in the world .”


Earlier GeoPard team announced integration with JohnDeere (the biggest producer of agricultural machinery and equipment) via MyJohnDeere Operation center platform (the biggest by acres digital ag platform in the world), and Planet – a satellite imagery company with the biggest amount of satellites.


GeoPard and Origin Digital partnership to provide precision farming solutions

The GeoPard agriculture and Origin digital company have entered into an alliance deal to unravel problems relating to farming. The motive behind the alliance is to expand the agricultural market sphere with digital and data-driven methods such as precision agriculture, data analysis, and software development. They also offer professional programs and suggestions to clients on how to choose viable seeds, the science of planting and harvesting crops, and soil sampling methods.

Many of these innovations are now obtainable in Ukraine since it’s the base of the companies. The Origin Digital company has incorporated farming consultancy, good farming strategies, and data-based methods to ease the process of making decisions. Additionally, the program helps experts to drive through precision farming easily. The central focus of the allied groups is to look into the problems of farmers and proffer practical solutions.

The Chief Executive officer of Geopard Agriculture, Mr. Dmitry Dementiev mentioned in one of his statements: “The Geopard’s team affiliation with Origin digitals is a milestone for the advancement of precision farming. Clients can now access digital remedies provided by the company easier and faster due to the alliance. He also added that his team is delighted with the recent development and they are ready to make things work out well.

The Head of Origin Digital Company, Mr. Jon Rhymes also said: “The alliance will promote precision farming in Ukraine. This is because the companies have incorporated programs such as data analysis and artificial intelligence in their scheme. These programs will ease the manner of disseminating information and making suggestions to prospective clients. Similarly, the crop growers in Ukraine will benefit from the program. It will also assist them to cut down production costs, increase their gains and guide them through the other processes.

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