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Topography based on machinery data

topography from machinery data
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A lot of data collected from the fields is not used by farmers and agronomists. As an example, almost any modern machinery has a GPS receiver which is capable of gathering elevation data, quite often accuracy is improved with Real-time kinematic (RTK). 

Most of this data is not actively used, because it is quite a time consuming to extract, clean, and process this information to acquire real value out of it. One of the GeoPard main idea is to decrease the complexity of data usage in Precision Agriculture. 

GeoPard is capable of automatically extracting high-accuracy elevation data from:

  • Yield datasets
  • EC/other sensors datasets

GeoPard utilized the best available topography dataset for every field, but, unfortunately, high-accuracy lidar data is not available for every location in the world. Therefore, a machinery data-based digital elevation model will be a perfect option and significantly improves knowledge about the field. 

Henceforth, as any data layer in GeoPard, you can create zones out of machinery elevation data with Zones Creator, use this data in the Zones Ops module (finding of overlappings among different datasets) and use it in multi-layer analytics.

Note that it is also possible to compare remote sensing based VS machinery/RTK based topography models.

What are topographic equipment?

Topographic equipment refers to the specialized tools and instruments used in the field of topography, which is the study and mapping of the surface features of the Earth.

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What are topographic equipment

These tools are designed to measure and record various aspects of the land’s topography, including elevation, slope, and contours. Here are some commonly used topographic equipment:

  • Total Station: A total station is an electronic surveying instrument that combines the functions of a theodolite (used for measuring horizontal and vertical angles) and an electronic distance meter (EDM) to measure distances. It is used for precise positioning and measuring angles and distances in topographic surveys.
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) Receiver: GPS receivers use signals from satellites to determine accurate positions on Earth’s surface. In topography, GPS receivers are used to establish control points and measure coordinates, which are crucial for creating accurate topographic maps.
  • Leveling Instrument: Leveling instruments, such as a dumpy level or digital level, are used to measure height differences or elevations between different points on the ground. They help in determining contours and slopes of the land.
  • LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging): LiDAR is a remote sensing technology that uses laser light to measure distances and create detailed three-dimensional maps. It is commonly used in aerial or ground-based surveys to capture high-resolution elevation data.
  • Photogrammetric Equipment: Photogrammetry involves obtaining measurements from photographs. Specialized cameras, topographer machine, drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with high-resolution cameras are used to capture aerial images. Photogrammetric software is then used to process these images and extract topographic information.
  • Handheld GPS Devices: Handheld GPS devices provide accurate position data in real-time. They are portable and used for navigation, mapping, and data collection in the field.
  • Field Books and Measuring Tools: Field books are used by surveyors to record measurements, sketches, and notes during topographic surveys. Measuring tools like measuring tapes, ranging poles, and flagging tape are used for measuring distances and marking points of interest.
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These are some of the essential topographic equipment used in the field. It’s important to note that technological advancements may introduce new tools or variations of existing equipment, so staying updated with the latest developments is recommended.

What is topographer machine?

A topographer machine, also known as a topographic surveying machine or a topographic mapping system, is a specialized tool used in agriculture for the precise measurement and mapping of the physical features of a field or agricultural land.

What is topographer machine in agriculture

It is designed to capture accurate elevation data and create detailed topographic maps that represent the terrain’s contours, slopes, and other essential characteristics.

The topographer machine typically consists of advanced surveying equipment, including Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, laser scanners, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors, and onboard computers.

These components work together to collect precise location data and measure the elevation of various points across the agricultural land.

The machine is operated by agricultural professionals or trained technicians who deploy it in the field. As the topographer machine moves through the area, it uses GPS signals to determine its position and laser or LiDAR technology to measure the height of the terrain. The collected data is then processed and analyzed to create accurate topographic maps.

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The generated topographic maps provide valuable information to farmers and land managers. They allow for better planning and management of agricultural activities, such as irrigation, drainage, and land leveling.

By understanding the topography of the land, farmers can optimize their farming practices, minimize soil erosion, and enhance overall crop productivity.

In conclusion, topographic equipment plays a vital role in accurately measuring and mapping the surface features of the Earth in the field of topography. The information gathered using these tools is crucial for creating detailed topographic maps, which in turn aid in effective land management, planning agricultural activities, and optimizing farming practices. 

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