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Advanced Statistics For Management Zones In Precision Agriculture

Advanced Statistics For Management Zones In Precision Agriculture
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The accurate calculation of statistics is a cornerstone of precision agriculture data analysis. GeoPard has added more detailed statistical precision calculations to the agriculture zones created on the platform to ensure that your maps and the analytic conclusions you draw from them are precise and reliable. 

Advanced statistics are calculated per zone, containing the attributes: minimum and maximum values of the vegetation index (or other attributes), medianaveragestandard deviation, and the sum of all the values in the zone.

The median is the middle value of a dataset that has been numerically ordered, as opposed to the average. This relates to the standard deviation, which reflects how the data is arranged around the average value.

A low standard deviation suggests that the data in a given zone is grouped closely around the average, whereas a high standard deviation indicates that the zone data is spread out more widely around the average.

The sum attribute is simply the total sum of all pixel values in that zone. Before any stats are calculated for your zones, all the outliers or anomalous data points are removed to prevent the creation of misleading statistics that do not accurately reflect your zone data. 

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After the manual amendments of agriculture zones through the Merge/Split tool, zone statistics are recalculated based on the new zone geometries. This allows for a refined and accurate understanding of data distribution inside and across zones.

Management zones statistics in GeoPard
Management zones statistics in GeoPard

As always, GeoPard values transparency throughout all aspects of the platform. During the aggregation of classified data into agriculture zones, all details are smoothed and hidden without metrics to show what happened, so the results of the data aggregation are provided through precision statistics.

It is also always possible to backpedal and extract the original values from your zones to recheck them or to utilize them in your own models. You never need to worry about losing your original data in GeoPard.

Statistics are of high value in determining map accuracy and are calculated for agriculture zones based on any data layer of your choice, including yield, ground sensors, satellite, topography, and multi-layer. 

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GeoPard presents zone statistics in a highly readable and straightforward manner, which can be seen in the example images below.

At GeoPard we want to make it easy for you to be confident in the decisions you are making about your fields by providing you with the best and most comprehensive access to statistical precision calculations we can.

What is advance statistics?

Advanced statistics is a branch of statistical analysis that involves more complex and sophisticated techniques beyond basic statistical methods. It encompasses a range of statistical models and techniques used to analyze and interpret complex data sets.

Advanced statistical methods include regression analysis, multivariate analysis, time series analysis, and experimental design, among others. These techniques allow researchers and analysts to uncover deeper insights, identify patterns and relationships, and make more accurate predictions or informed decisions based on the data.

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