Management Zones & VRA Maps

Create zones and prescription maps to identify and manage problem areas on your field

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Zones creator & managed automation

Automatically and manually created zones based on 30-year history imagery, soil (agrochemical analysis, scanners data, EC, moisture), and topography data


Merge, split, draw, and change zones

Set rates

Set rate for ag input product, calculate product cost, use industry standard equations or create your own

Сompatibility & Export

Creation of VRA maps that are compatible with most ag machinery. Shapefiles, Isoxml(ISOBUS), Send to MyJohnDeere

Management Zones & VRA Maps features

Single-layer analytics

A Zones Map built based on the defined data layer like Satellite Images, Topography, Soil Sampling, High-Density Sensor, Yield or As Applied Datasets. Engine does the following:

  • automatically removes noise,
  • automatically merges small polygons into the closest bigger zone,
  • keeps only the necessary minimum amount of points in every zone polygon,
  • makes VRA maps compatible with any agricultural equipment and machinery.

Zones Map example

Multi-layer analytics map

Multi-layer analytics

Delineation of management zones based on a combination of any data layers with the possibility to set a weight for each layer.
Operate with the complete set of parameters doing integrated analytics:

  • Yield data
  • Remote sensing data
  • Topography
  • Soil data

Field Potential Multi-year maps

Identify areas with higher and lower yield potential, problematic areas and get insight to field productivity and variability. Examples of use:

  • identify the field crop development pattern;
  • blueprint for prescription (Rx) files for seeding, fertilization, zones based soil sampling.

Field Potential multi-year maps

Field Stability maps

Field Stability maps

Detect the most changeable and stable spots at the field during any time period: the last 1-2 weeks or 1-2 months or even a couple of years. Examples of use:

  • identify areas for scouting
  • detect changes and see the positive or negative trend of crop development
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Cross-layer maps

Search for dependencies between different zones maps such. This is a step forward in defining the most influenced areas and understanding the reasons for field heterogeneity. Examples of use:

  • understand the reasons of field heterogeneity;
  • detection of the most important factors for your yield (e.g. high slope & low productivity);
  • identify the most interesting & valuable areas for extended analytics (scouting, soil, plant sampling).

Cross-layer maps

Choosing zone by clicking

Zones adjustments

Adjust geometries of the zones using the integrated toolbox without complicated GIS software. Merge and split zones feature allows you:

  • Split polygons
  • Merge polygons
  • Assign a polygon or a complete zone to another class

VRA maps

Distribute the appropriate ag inputs that work for you in the appropriate field zones and operation such as fertilizing, crop protection, seeding, irrigation, etc. Example of use:

  • create compatible with ag machinery VRA map for precision ag operations,
  • set price per product unit and know your costs per product and total cost.

VRA maps

Statistics for Zones

Statistics for Zones

Calculate statistics on zone level to determine how accurate the measures are. It is based on data layers utilized in zones creation: yield, ground sensors, satellite, topographic, and multi-layer. The covered metrics are:

  • minimum,
  • maximum,
  • average,
  • median,
  • sum,
  • standard deviation.

Data compatibility

Create Variable Rate Application maps that are compatible with most ag machinery. Unlimit export of management zones and VRA maps. Maps can be exported as:

  • shapefile,
  • isoxml,
  • geojson,
  • or send it to connected applications.

field variable Rate Application map

Example of how to draw zones manualy

Draw zones manually

Nobody knows your fields better than you. Use GeoPard analytics as a base to make your own agronomic decisions.

  • Use any base layer (high-res maps or analytics layers)
  • Fully customize the map with your own drawing
  • Conduct on-farm experiments with drawn strip trials

Equations based prescriptions


  • Build equations from scratch with your own formula
  • Harness the power of industry standard equations
  • Batch mode

Equations in python

Product cost calculator

Product cost calculator

Know your ROI on farm, field, and zone level

  • Enter real market price of the products
  • Set units for seeds, liquids or solid fertilizers
  • Know the price of chemicals and seeds for concreate ag operation

We believe that agriculture will be fully automated in the future. Special programs and applications will collect data about the field, process it and make decisions with minimal human intervention.
We are already building such a system

Hand-free zones

Field heterogeineity

Custom scripts


Winning teams choose GeoPard

Zachary Harmer


We are happy to have GeoPard as part of the platforms working with SoilOptix® data to enable growers and agronomists with the tools to accurately and visually analyze and manage their fields.

Nicole Bartelds


GeoPard Agriculture is a system in which I can store my own data, and also receive current information from satellite images directly from my fields. A system that securely stores my own data ‘in the cloud’, so that I have access to the stored information at any time and at any location. But I also think it’s important that the data is only shared with others if I give permission for this myself, and if I no longer want to share the data, then I can immediately stop the data sharing.

Steve Larocque

Beyond Agronomy owner & FarmVU CEO

Data visualization leads to the creation of ideas and analytics helps us to solve problems. GeoPard’s platform not only helps us visualize data but also gives us the tools to analyze data so we can create solutions and write prescriptions agronomists.

PointForward Brendon Friesen

Operation & technology manager

Using Geopard has streamlined key parts of our workflow. In seasons where time is money, we can rely on the team at Geopard to get it done.

Isaac Hickerson

Data Manager in Hutson Inc.

Geopard is a great tool for us to build management zones with. When we don’t have access to multiple years worth of yield data for a grower, we can utilize GeoPard and the 20+ years of satellite imagery it gives us to build our management zones.

Simon Luyven

Projects Lead in Pfeifer & Langen

It is a pleasure to cooperate with GeoPard. Not only the solutions are innovative, but also the service is excellent.

Jason Diller

Precision Agriculture Manager in Mercer Landmark

When I compare the +20 year GeoPard product map to fields we have a multiple year average yield data its a very close match. The +20 year average map is an excellent product for growers lacking good yield data.

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How can I create management zones?

GeoPard provides an advanced Zones creation module as a white box, you choose and preview data layers, select zones configuration (data classification, amount of zones, vegetation index)

Which data layers can/should I use to create management zones?

Depending on your agronomic practices, you can create zones based on any data layers in GeoPard. We’ve automated some popular approaches, including creation of Field Potential maps.

How are your Zones different from others available on the market?

It is a deep tech question. Starting from 2012 our team has analyzed thousands of fields and have an outstanding experience in understanding how the perfect zones look like. In a few words, we use proprietary superior data analysis and cleaning techniques. For various data sources (yield, imagery, soil, scanners, topography) we apply different algorithms to provide the best results.

What is GeoPard in a few words?

GeoPard is an independent precisionAg powerhouse for any geo-referenced farm data. We help crop farming businesses to streamline their processes.

In which languages the application is available?

English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, German, Dutch, Uzbekistanian, and Spanish.

What do you offer?

We provide precisionAg solutions for growers and crop consultants. For big agribusinesses we also provide API, White label (branded) solutions, Widgets. It allows them to launch their own precisionAg solutions in a matter of a few weeks.

How can I start?

Choose your package, sign up and start to use GeoPard right away.

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