GeoPard Agriculture

High-density Sensor Data

GeoPard is continuously improving its capabilities to process various types of in-field datasets. High-density sensor datasets are supported by our analytics core for further research and collecting field insights.

A user has access to capabilities to import, visualize, analyze, and research geo-referenced high-density data. These operations are supported via the Web/Mobile user interfaces and API.

Example of EC data collected by our partners.

Analytics capabilities cover:
  1. Supporting data formats either points and polygons
  2. Processing of sensor data to correct the data and to build a continuous surface for a field boundary
  3. Customizing of color schemas to set preferred color codes and classification
  4. Generating of management zones and further creation of Variable Rate Application
  5. Using as a part of multi-layers and cross-layers analytics

For agricultural consultants, agronomists, and advanced farmers it means more field-collected data can be stored, analyzed, and used in daily operations in a single solution and easily available for data exploration.

For local sensor companies, GeoPard is an excellent tool that supports analytics of the data collected by such companies and provides contextual information: historical and current satellite analysis, topographic field profile based on remote sensing and machinery data.