GeoPard Agriculture

Share Farm and its data

The agricultural business is teamwork.

Frequently it is necessary to share farm data with your ag consultant, agronomist, trusted advisor, farmer, colleague, or service provider. GeoPard has a very simple nevertheless powerful mechanism of sharing your farm data and all the underlying data we provide for you (Satellite monitoring, Zones, Topography) or you uploaded by yourself (Soil data, Yield data, other ingested data layers). 

An owner of a farm can give access to it in the “User Profile” -> “Share” section. You put your colleagues' email and we share the farm and all the data under the farm with another GeoPard account.

An owner of a farm can revoke access at any time by clicking the “Stop sharing” button under the “User Profile” -> “Share” section.

A user who has been shared a farm has some kind of a “read” access to the farm and fields under it. It means that the user, for example, can’t delete the farm. But he is free to delineate new management zones or any other analytics. It can be very useful when you do collaborative preparation of Management zones for planting/fertilizing/spraying.

All GeoPard URLs are bookmarkable, it means that a URL fully contains the state of the application. After you share any GeoPard’ URL with your colleague, he will see exactly the same state of the map that you shared.

With GeoPard Agriculture all the data is under your control and at your fingertips for spatial analysis and Rx files creation.