GeoPard Agriculture

Zones Quality

Almost all management zones are adjusted before becoming a Variable Rate Application map. This can be merging some zones together, manual corrections in well-known spots, the addition of extra buffer areas, ag equipment compatibility, etc.

We, in the GeoPard team, understand that accurate natural management zones with valid polygons will save a lot of time during zone verification and correction processes.

The GeoPard engine does the following:
  • automatically removes noise,
  • automatically merges small polygons into the closest bigger zone,
  • keeps only the necessary minimum amount of points in every zone polygon,
  • makes VRA maps compatible with any agricultural equipment and machinery.

In addition to automatic correction, the tool to merge and split zones is available to adjust the map according to your own field knowledge and agronomic practice. 

There are many different maps from various providers on the market, but you will definitely recognize GeoPard maps.