About us
We are a Germany based AgTech company founded in 2019 by a group of IT professionals that are passionate about developing digital solutions and analyzing geo-referenced vector and raster data.

Our team has been building solutions for the Ag domain since 2012, including:

  • being co-founders of the Zoner.ag precision agriculture platform that was widely used in the USA, Canada, and Europe;
  • with Zoner we have analyzed hundreds of thousand acres with multi-year images while creating management zones;
  • after Zoner acquisition by Bayer AG in 2015, we worked on the foundation of Xarvio Field Manager core, including its geospatial processing engine.

We believe, with the current level of technologies development and open data-sources, enterprise-level analytics for sustainable agriculture should be affordable, independent, and easy to use.
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FlyPard Analytics GmbH
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Do you have some questions? Find answers below!
How do you deal with data security?
Your data security is of key importance at FlyPard Analytics GmbH. Your data is stored in data centers handled by Amazon AWS, a cloud infrastructure certified provider. Access to the data is secure. For customers from the US and Canada, data is stored on Amazon servers physically located in Northern America.

We do not store any credit card information and use external secure payment processing. Also of importance, is that we do not sell your data, field data, or maps you create in the system to any person or company.
How can your digital solution provide real value for me?
Produce more efficiently. Field management VRA maps lead to product reduction and increase profits while reducing the impact on the environment.

Fast and reliable. Strong technical solutions. High performance - building multiyear analyses in seconds. The value we derive from innovations in analyses processing and emerging information technologies is available to you.

Affordable. Try it with no costs. You can use our maps with chemical products from any ag input provider.
Why are your prices so attractive?
It is a very competitive and fair pricing model - no matter the crop and no matter the ag inputs provider.

Automation, optimization of infrastructure costs, cloud computing, cutting-edge IT technologies, open and free data sources including satellite imagery, and an experienced, digital solutions team are all components that allow us to cut expenses and propose a fair price.

Ultimately, we believe in the importance of sustainable agriculture development and using free features to monitor crops and understand field variability - allowing us to contribute to social solidarity and cooperation.
What data layers are in the system by default and their coverage?
Satellite imagery Sentinel 2 with 10 m resolution and Landsat 4,5,7,8 with 30 m resolution as soon as they become available for your field's location.

Usually, Sentinel 2 images are from 2016 and Landsat - from 1985.

Topography data.
Can I analyze other data sources?
In addition to satellite data layers, the possibility to analyze another geo-referenced information related to the field is a top priority for our team. We are actively engaged in extending our system. Either open data layers such as elevation data or personal data layers such as yield monitor, soil probes, and other vector data can be analyzed. We believe to pleasantly surprise you with the new features!
What about quality?
Our team has been building precision ag technologies since 2012. The current solution is the result of our expertise, knowledge, usage of cutting-edge technologies, and scientific approaches. We work on integrating current services with new features needed by growers - to deliver qualitative and beneficial solutions.